Current Projects

Waste and Sanitation

We are in the midst of the application process for a sanitation project in rural India. The town’s only toilet is government-run and is more than a kilometer away from many of the people who need to use it. The current answer to this is the latrine, which – as not much more than a hole in the ground – leads to hazardous waste runoff and other health hazards.

Our project would be to develop a cost-effective way of implementing more public toilets. Some of the ideas we are working with include making the toilets as low-impact environmentally as possible, as well as low-maintenance.

Paradise Pond Sediment Buildup

In the meantime, we are also looking at a more local project concerning the buildup of sediment in the portion of the Mill River that runs through Smith College Campus. Paradise Pond has undergone excavation within the past few years, but sediment from upriver has been depositing in specific areas, affecting not only the depth and flow of the pond, but also impacting the environment downriver.

Our aim is to survey the channel in cross-sections in order to determine flow rates. We would like to pinpoint where the buildup is coming from, and find a way to decrease and/or eliminate it.


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